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1. Do you sell any ready-to-wear wigs?

Martina Giavonche only specializes in Custom Handmade Lace Wig orders at this time. When Ready-to-Wear wigs become available, the PRODUCTS page will showcase individual designs for purchase in the future.

2. I am interested in purchasing a custom handmade lace wig. How do I book a consultation appointment?

Please visit the "BUY A CUSTOM WIG" webpage to begin your order. 

3. What is the typical price range for a Martina Giavonche custom handmade lace wig design?

Starting prices range from $1000 to $3500+. Final price for a wig design depends on the attention-to-detail, timing, amount of labor, and type of wig design. The type and amount of hair may also alter the final price of the service.

4. What type of lace wig design services do you offer?

We mainly specialize in the design of custom handmade, hand-ventilated full lace and lace front wigs. 

5. What is a hand-ventilated wig?

Custom handmade hand-ventilated lace wigs are the HIGHEST quality of wigs...unlike the mass-produced wigs that come from overseas factories. Hand-ventilated wigs are mainly designed for theatre, broadway, and television using high quality lace. Aishatakes thousands of individual hair strands and ties each strand into the holes of a high-quality authentic lace. This is a painstaking procedure that ensures the lace wig is designed to match your very own hairline with a natural thickness throughout. Since the wig is hand-ventilated by Aisha, plucking/tweezing and bleaching of the knots is not necessary. 

6. What is the difference between a lace front wig and a full lace wig?

Lace front wigs have bundles (wefts) sewn to the back of the wig. Only the front of the wig can be parted in any direction. A full lace wig is fully hand-tied and can be parted in any direction on the entire wig.

7. Can I provide my own hair and extensions?

For all custom handmade lace wigs, the wig designer will provide authentic raw virgin unprocessed weft and bulk hair extensions or water steamed raw virgin hair for textured styles. This type of raw hair is sourced from one donor (cut from a woman's ponytail), professionally sanitized, and the cuticles are properly aligned and intact. If you provide your own hair, only you are responsible for the quality of the hair. Galaxy 5000 ( is a great choice for high quality extensions.

8. Do you accept medical insurance?

We do not currently accept any medical insurance.

9. Who designs the custom wigs?

All custom wig orders are only hand-designed and ventilated by CEO/Creative Wig Designer Aisha Murphy (in Maryland, USA). Therefore, most orders will be taken one at a time and booked first-come first-serve.

10. How long does wig production last?

After your payment is processed, please allow 4-12 weeks for the completion of your custom handmade wig order. 

11. How do you accept payment?

Payment will be accepted via paypal or cash. No payment will be accepted until the completion and signing of the Policy, Terms and Agreement form. Fraudulent or counterfeit payments will not be tolerated.

12. Do you also accept custom synthetic lace wig orders?

Yes, we can design a custom handmade lace wig using synthetic fibers. Prices remain the same for custom synthetic wig orders. 

13. How do I care for my custom handmade lace wig?

Each order will come with a wig and care guide booklet. The booklet will include detailed instructions on how to: wash your wig, clean your lace of residue, and store your wig. The guide will also include product recommendations and styling advice. 

14. What type of lace is used to design the wigs? What does the wig cap look like?

We only use authentic lace to design the wigs. The wig cap can be designed from scratch or we can alter a pre-existing breathable wig base depending on the requested design.

15. How long does a custom hand-ventilated lace wig last?

Please be advised that all lace wigs are expected to shed. Wigs may last up to 6 months to a year before significant shedding is expected. Our permanent part lace front wigs are expected to last longer than free part wigs. 

16. Does each purchase include styling of the wig?

Yes, we offer complimentary in-house styling. An additional fee is administered for advanced styling, cutting, or coloring and may be recommended to a licensed cosmetologist.

17. How can I see Aisha's previous work?

You may check out her work on Instagram and Facebook at @MartinaGiavonche.

18. I have more questions. How can I reach you? 

You may reach out to Aisha via email: